In reference to OASC Email sent regarding Senior Scams:

“Thanks…this sure is timely! I’ve had a lady in here twice in the last month who has been pushing me to allow her to come in and talk about genetic testing, then she would do the tests in the seniors home if they so wanted. She told me that Medicare would pay for everything. My Scam Alert was going off and I was greatly concerned because something sounded fishy to me. I’m a lot more skeptical the older I get…or maybe I’m wiser. I see in the email you sent us that Medicare only pays for it if medically necessary and ordered by a doctor. I questioned the lady why Medicare would pay $6,000 for every senior to get tested and she claimed once they knew their medical history, their children could get screenings for cancers and other diseases and it would save Medicare money in the future. Again, this just didn’t sound right. I planned to research this with Medicare but you just saved me a bunch of time and headaches. Our OASC membership probably just paid for itself!”

Dave Bibler

Licking County Aging Program

Follow-up from conference speakers:

“Thank you for all your help and assistance. You were both super to work with. I hope your attendees found value from my presentation and were able to leave with some valuable take aways. What a wonderful event, and what a pleasant surprise to see so many from Belmont County attending. It made me smile for sure.”

Sherrie Dunlevy


Conference attendees and vendors: